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RV-9A: Project Entry

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Here's an end shot of the 2x8 after the cut

You can tell that this board came from a really old pine tree and not from a tree farm. Notice how close together the rings are. The closer the rings, the heavier the board. Notice also that the cut is close to the center of the tree. The combination of close rings and the center cut makes this board very heavy and straight. It's full of resin. Tree farm pines are grown as fast as possible for quick harvest and sale. Usually the pine board you get at any quickie lumber dealer is really light, like balsa wood. If you look at the end rings, you'll that they are very far apart. And if you get one of these light boards that is cut from the outside of the tree, it will turn into a ski when it sits in garage and has time to dry out. OK, my Dad was a master carpentar. Can you tell?

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