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RV-9A: Canopy - 9/9/2013
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First attempt at cutting the canopyFirst attempt at cutting the canopy
I decided to get familiar with cutting the canopy after reading "Cut the bottom molding flange off of the canopy using a cutting disk in a die grinder. Use these early trim cuts to build your canopy cutting skills by marking straight lines on the canopy and cutting as close to the lines as possible." I know that the recommended technique is to use a cutoff wheel with a pneumatic tool, but I decided to try the Dremel instead.
Setting up for the first cutSetting up for the first cut
I decided to put painters tape on to make the cut and somewhat protect the canopy. The first piece of tape was placed along the cut mark, putting the cut mark at the edge of the tape. The second piece of tape was also placed at the edge of the cut mark, but on the opposite side. The two clamps are there to hold the pieces together so the cut ends won't flop around when getting close to the end of the overall cut.
Made the cutMade the cut
OK, forget the Dremel for cutting the canopy. It's takes too damn long, it's hard to get a smooth cut edge and it's frickin' nerve racking! I'll use the traditional cutoff wheel that came with the kit and the pneumatic tool going forward.
Keeping my coolKeeping my cool
It is really hot outside!
My floor air conditionerMy floor air conditioner
I bought this dude at Lowes. I tried venting the 4 inch vent hose up through the ceiling to the attic, but the unit kept shutting off because it was trying to push too much hot air up through the ceiling through a long narrow hose. So I bought a 10 inch air conditioner vent pipe and created a duct from the floor air conditioner up to the ceiling. No more overheating the air conditioner.
The floor air conditioner was still not enoughThe floor air conditioner was still not enough
My wife bought me this water-cooled unit. It holds 5 gallons of water that gets pumped up to a vertical filter that has a fan blowing throught it. It works pretty damn good. As you can see above, getting the garage down from 105 degrees to 85 degrees is quite impressive.
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