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RV-9A: Canopy - 7/7/2013
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Ready to trimmed the canopy frame tubing for a better fit.Ready to trimmed the canopy frame tubing for a better fit.
The canopy frame sticks up way over the top of the roll bar. You have to trim the tubes on each side of the frame where the rollers are placed, in order to lower the frame to the right position behind the roll bar. Here's where things get confusing. I used the drawing to the left to determine the height of the canopy frame to the roll bar, which calls for the center of the canopy frame tube to be 3/8" above the roll bar top.
THEN I read this from the handbook:
"You should try to get the frame bow to be approximately 1/8-3/16" bigger than the roll bar, all the way around. The point on the roll bar that has the most curve (10 o'clock and 2 o'clock) should be a little larger (a full 3/16") than on the top or the sides."
So what the hell is it? 3/8" or 1/8-3/16"??
I'm going with the drawingI'm going with the drawing
I measured what I needed to trim off the canopy frame tubing by measuring the existing gap between the top of the roll bar and the middle of the canopy frame tubing, then substracted 3/8" from that measurement. Then I used a dremel cutoff wheel to trim both canopy "legs" using the calculated measurement. This left the middle of the top canopy tube a perfect 3/8" above the top of the roll bar.
Looks like a good fitLooks like a good fit
One way to find out...One way to find out...
I went out to the hangar and dusted off the plexiglass canopy and brought it home. I clecoed the front skin on and plopped that dude on for size. Ain''t it Purdy?
Das ist Gute! ich möchte ein Bier jetzt. I put my ruler over the plexiglass so it would cast a shadow on the roll bar and canopy frame. It looks equal-distant to me!
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