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RV-9A: Front Deck/Firewall - 5/7/2010
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Time to run the Rudder CablesTime to run the Rudder Cables
Well, I think it's time to run the rudder cables. I don't really know. First hurdle, how to get the cable end through the grommets. The cable end is bigger than the grommet, so I couldn't get the cable through the grommet while it is installed in the bulkhead. Dammit! So I removed each grommet and squeeeeeezed it with my hand so I could get the cable end through and then put the grommet back in place. In this picture, I had previously run a piece of string behind one of the installed baggage area panels so I could pull the rudder cable through later. Ain't I smart? a'hilk...
Cable is in!Cable is in!
I'm not going to connect to the rudder pedals right now. I found out that there is a long piece of stainless steel in the kit that is 1/2 inch wide that will be used to make the connecting piece for the rudder cable end. I also learned that this connecting piece may vary in length, depending on how much slack there is in the overall cable.
There they be, just a'waitin' for a rudder to cling to.
Plans, plans and more plans!!Plans, plans and more plans!!
My pile of plans was so tall that it took me forever to find anything. So I decided to go through the plans and pull out the ones that don't apply, like the tip-up and butt dragger plans, plus the plans that I don't think I need to reference any more (maybe). The roll with the X on it are the tip-up and butt dragger plans. The other one are the finished parts plans. This should help me to find stuff with a little more ease.
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