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RV-9A: Other Bulkheads & Longerons - 7/12/2008
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Time for the bends againTime for the bends again
The front ends of the F-718 longerons have to have a bend down and a twist (sounds like a drink). Here I mounted the right longeron in the vise. I put 2 clamps on top of it to make sure it doesn't move while I'm making the bends.
Applied the bendApplied the bend
After a just a few whacks on this dude, I noticed that it was really bending fast and easy. I stopped and removed the clamps. Then I placed a 4 foot straight on the flat part of the longeron and left it go out over the bent end. Then I checked the height of the drop. After a few tries, I got right angle down. My son and I held the side skin up close to the angle and "eye-balled" it to see if was lined up with the skin. Looks good.
Time for the twistTime for the twist
I almost forgot to take a picture of this. The longeron in this picture is of the twist on the left longeron. I used a large crescent wrench to make this twist. This bend was a little spooky, considering how far I had twist this thing to make the proper twist angle. The longerons are pretty flexible. Here I'm checking for a good twist.
Last item on the menu todayLast item on the menu today
The book instructions don't mention this part, but the plans do. I have to admit it took me a while to get used to the idea of seeing the book instructions and the plan instructions and a single entity, but they really are. If you go line by in the book instructions, there are some things that you will miss by not looking over the entire content of each drawing. Here I'm trimmed the 2 F-721B's as instructed for a slider canopy.
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