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RV-9A: Other Bulkheads & Longerons - 6/2/2008
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Started work on all the aft bulkheadsStarted work on all the aft bulkheads
These were pretty easy to find. I pulled out my Unibit and drilled of the rudder cable holes called for in the plans.
From out of the blue!From out of the blue!
The family and I were out at our East Texas hangar cutting grass and doing a general cleanup when this one-of-kind beauty taxied up. This is Bill Allan and his 1949 Luscombe T8F. I made him wait while I ran in a got my cameras. What a cool aircraft! It has tandom seats and dual throttle controls.
The side viewThe side view
The guy who gets to sit in the back seat is one lucky bugger. Talk about visability! It has a clear shaded canopy over the rear seat.
Time for takeoff!Time for takeoff!
Bill graciously agreed to let me shoot some pics while he took off and circled the field.
Eat my dust!!
Come back soon Bill!Come back soon Bill!
What a cool bird!
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