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RV-9A: Firewall - 3/11/2008
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Started work on the firewallStarted work on the firewall
The first order of business to cut out these two left and right F-601J angles which are made from AA6-187x2x2 1/2 stock, which I found in sub-kit #18. I will now smooth it down with the scotchbrite wheel. I decided to use my OCR scanner and scan in the parts list which came with the kit. Now all I have to do is pull up the Word document with the list in it and do a "find" on the part I'm looking for. I trying my best to keep sub-kits somewhat separated to ease any part search I may need to do.
Started clecoing the stiffeners to the firewallStarted clecoing the stiffeners to the firewall
The majority of these parts are in sub-kits #18 and #19. Almost all of them are pre-drilled. That's cool!!
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