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RV-9A: Rod's and ends - 2/10/2008
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Move the wings to the hangarMove the wings to the hangar
I rented a 8' x 14' box truck from a local Capps Van Rentals and laid the wings on top of some foam bed padding and some old (ugly) down comforters. Then I padded the outside edges with some throw pillows and put some foam rubber between the rear spars to prevent the wings from slamming into each other, in case stuff started to shift around during the drive to the hangar.
We had to make 2 trips. One for the wings and the other for the wing dolly. Somebody asked why I didn't just put the whole thing, wings mounted on the dolly, in the truck and make one trip. The design of this dolly has a sheet of 3/4" plywood on one end that has a slot cut out of it that conforms to the shape of the leading edge of the wing. This cut out has some padding to protect the wings leading edge, but not enough to prevent a "karate" chop if you hit a bump in the road.
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