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RV-9A: Rod's and ends - 1/26/2008
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Put in the electrical conduitPut in the electrical conduit
Boring... It took an hour and a half just to put in one line of conduit in one wing. But this is really going to be a cool way to run wires through the wing.
Conduit install lesson for todayConduit install lesson for today
OK kiddies, gather round while Uncle Smitty shows you how install electrical conduit. Won't that be fun? OK, here we go! First, start on one end of the wing and begin feeding the conduit through the end rib, anyway you can. What? It won't go in? Go sit back down and let Uncle Smitty show you! To get the conduit started through first hole, you have to move the conduit up and down until you get at least a 1 inch section through hole. It you mess it up, don't worry, you can just cut off the squished end piece later. Now for the goodies. Step 1: Push down on the left side of the conduit to get the top of one of the conduit ribs through the wing rib hole. Step 2: Then lift up on the left side of the conduit while pushing down on the right side of the conduit until you hear the bottom rib of the conduit "Pop" into place through the wing rib hole. There, wasn't that easy? This "see-sawing" method is really slow, but get's the job done. You be good now, ya' hear?
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