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RV-9A: Rod's and ends - 1/17/2008
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Cut the Crank SpacersCut the Crank Spacers
When I stored the bags from wing inventory in their individual bins, I also wrote the part number and quantity of each part on the outside of each bin. This has really helped me to locate parts like these crank spacers.
Identified the parts for the large pushrod attachmentIdentified the parts for the large pushrod attachment
This will include 3 different sizes of washers.
Torqued the large pushrod into placeTorqued the large pushrod into place
The instructions don't really say when to tighten the individual connections on these parts, so I had to project my mind into the future and determine on my own which parts are OK to tighten now. On the parts that I don't tighten now, I make a note to myself in my log of "things to do later".
Temporarily attached the Aileron pushrodsTemporarily attached the Aileron pushrods
I know that this dude will be adjusted as I align the ailerons, so at this point I'm just gathering nuts, bolts and washers and temporarily putting things into place.
Temporarily attached the alignment tool I made earlierTemporarily attached the alignment tool I made earlier
The markings I made on this tool will help me position the aileron in the neutral position tomorrow.
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