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RV-9A: Flaps - 11/18/2007
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My first ride in an RV-7AMy first ride in an RV-7A
This is my good buddy Tom Moore. He has a bea-u-ti-ful RV-7A! Tom invited me to go for a ride over to Hicks Field, which is north of Fort Worth, Texas. Little did we know that we would run into Bob Avery of Avery Tools and get a personal tour of his facility!
This is a gorgeous RV!This is a gorgeous RV!
Tom let take me control several times so that I could get an idea of what an RV is all about.
Lunch time!Lunch time!
After landing at Hicks Field, we parked in front Rio Concho Aviation and went in for a great lunch!
This is a really cool place!This is a really cool place!
Model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, countless airplane photos on the walls, and even a genuine Harley Davidson booth and table in the corner.
Guess who came to lunch?Guess who came to lunch?
We spotted Bob Avery of Avery Tools and went over and introduced ourselves. Bob sat down and ate with us and then invited us to his facility. Cool!
First stop - RV CentralFirst stop - RV Central
This was great! RV Central!
Now for the tour!Now for the tour!
What a facility!! I was a real jaw dropping adventure to see this place. Here's a short video of our adventure.
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