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RV-9A: Ailerons - 8/7/2007
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Finished riveting the bottom of the leading edge to the sparFinished riveting the bottom of the leading edge to the spar
This is one of those situations where after bucking one of the rivets you think that the size rivet called for on the plans is not long enough. So on one rivet, I tried to use a size 4 rivet instead of the 3.5 as called for. WRONG!! It stove-piped on me. So, once again, I'm sticking to what is called out for on the plans.
Ready for closingReady for closing
Looking good. Tomorrow, I will rivet the ends and start on the trailing edge. The instructions say to follow the same instructions for the trailing edge as the rudder. Someone suggested that I use T-88 epoxy on the wedge to hold things together. T-88 is supposed to be a little bit flexible, unlike other epoxies which get brittle when they dry. I am going to try to look around at some hobby shops to see if I can get some locally. Otherwise I will have to wait several days for delivery from Aircraft Spruce. If I can't find any T-88 locally, I will go ahead and use Proseal like I did on the rudder.
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