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RV-9A: Ailerons - 5/2/2007
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Riveted on the Aileron BracketsRiveted on the Aileron Brackets
The longeron yoke on the pneumatic squeezer worked great for the first 4 bottom rivets on each bracket, but only after I altered the end of the yoke where the dimple die is inserted. Using the scotchbrite wheel, I ground down the sides on the end of the yoke to allow the dimple die to sit perfectly vertical on the rivet. The last top rivets were put in with a regular rivet set on the rivet gun along with the bucking bar.
Here’s one of the inboard Aileron Brackets riveted in placeHere’s one of the inboard Aileron Brackets riveted in place
Made the W-925B W-925C angles pieces for the flap bracketsMade the W-925B W-925C angles pieces for the flap brackets
These guys are riveted to the W-925A Flap Hinge Brackets. The W-925B angles were already cut to length and have a slight bend on one side of the angle, making them easy to identify. However, the W-925C angles have to be cut from a long piece of AA6-063 x 3/4 x 3/4, which (by the way) wasn’t marked any where on any piece. This is where a lot of time is wasted trying to figure out where the hell this piece is. I have all sorts of angle pieces in the kit to choose from. Hmm, which one is it? After thirty minutes of digging and getting madder by the minute, I decided to look at the parts list in manual. There I found the 2 angle parts listed, W-925B and W-925C. The part W-925B, which is already cut by the factory, had AA6-063 x 3/4 x 3/4 listed as the material it was made from. The part W-925C had the same material listed for that part. Ah-HA! All I had to do then was find a long piece of angle that matched the size of the W-925B piece. What I found was piece of angle that was about 4 feet long and then knew that that was what I supposed to use. A simple label on that 4 foot piece would have saved me a lot head-scratching time.
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