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RV-9A: Wings Inventory & Setup - 2/20/2006
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OK, time for wings inventory!OK, time for wings inventory!
Holy moly, that's a lot of stuff! It's all very well packed. No damage whatsoever. I plan to salvage as much of the wood packaging as possible. The cover over both boxes looks like cardboard, but it's actually 3/8" plywood with some kind of cardboard looking exterior.
Holy frickin' Moly!Holy frickin' Moly!
Datsa' long item list! I'm going to need 2 highlighters. OK, time to start diggin' and a markin'.
Wait a minute, time to pray at the alter.Wait a minute, time to pray at the alter.
Oh Lord, please don't let me screw up!
5 hours later and there it is!5 hours later and there it is!
Yep, everythings there. Thank goodness the packaging is separated into smaller kits. The packaging list is also separated by packaging kits. Finish one kit, then go on to the next.
Rivets and small kit parts stored and labeledRivets and small kit parts stored and labeled
I had to buy another storage container. I got the new green one at Lowes for $17. It's a ripoff because it's poorly designed and fragile. I looked at 6 of these at Lowes before I found one that wasn't busted up in some way. UPDATE - 3/13/2006 I didn't realize until I started working on the wing spar how important it was to keep track of the ID numbers of all of the bolts, nuts, washers and especially nutplates. There are several varieties of nutplates. My advice to other builders is keep the little plastic bags that come with each with the kit. The front of each bag has the ID number of each component in the bag. There is also a detailed list and count of every small part that comes in the kit. Sometimes you may have to check what you have against that list. By using the process of elimination, you can easily identify each nut, bolt, washer and platenut, ie 12 of these, 25 of those...you get the idea. Luckily I found the plastic bags in the trash can and went back marked each storage drawer front with the ID numbers of what was in each.
4 trash bags of paper stuffing4 trash bags of paper stuffing
I felt like a kid at Christmas. A lot of parts were wrapped in paper and you had to unroll them to see what was in there. There were a lot words like "Cool!" and "Whoa!" being offered up.
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