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RV-9A: Right Elevator - 12/6/2005
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Riveted the counterbalance assembly to the front sparRiveted the counterbalance assembly to the front spar
I used my pneumatic rivet squeezer to put in the outside rivets that attached the counterbalance ribs to the main spar. But the inside rivets were a little trickier. I used my hand squeezer with the 4" yoke and put some washers on one of the dimple dies so the yoke would not hit the spar flange during the "squeeze".
Pop-riveted the elevator bottom skin to the main sparPop-riveted the elevator bottom skin to the main spar
I used regular rivets where I could using the opening where the elevator attaches to the horizontal stabilizer. Everywhere else required using the 1/8" pop-rivets. Yeah, their ugly but they're on the bottom of the elevator. Can't see em' from my house.
Getting the problem rivetGetting the problem rivet
When I got ready to rivet the elevator skin to the counterbalance arm, I did the problem rivet first, which is shown in the photo (click the picture for a blownup view). At this point, since the counterbalance arm is only riveted to the spar, I was able to push the front of the counterbalance over slightly away from the main spar, pivoting it on the attachment point. Then I was able to get my 4 inch yoke with the hand squeezer in between the counterbalance arm and the rounded front edge of the elevator skin to get to this rivet. After I got both rivets in on top and bottom, then I swung the arm back into position and did the rest of the skin rivets.
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